Jes Extender Review for Peyronie's Disease Treatment

Unfortunately, some people think a man is measured by the size of his penis. For some they feel embarrassed that they are not the perfect size and will avoid sexual situations. Others will try to avoid the doctor and any other medical facilities because they feel they don’t measure up.

There is a way to get the help that is needed to make the penis larger, the Jes Extender. While this may sound too good to be true, this process does not require any surgery whatsoever. This completely healthy way to extend the penis has been backed by the medical community and extreme testing. It is 100 percent safe and very effective.

What is Jes Extender?

jes extender traction device

The Jes Extender was invented eighteen years ago by a team of doctors for natural penis enlargement. It has also been a proven aid for men with irregular penile curvature, or Peyronie’s Disease. This popular and operational male enhancement product works by gently stretching the penis in order for it to naturally grow in length and circumference.

It uses the concept of traction, which allows the body to gradually increase cell growth to the part that is being stretched. The unit is comfortable and discreet, and works without surgery or being in a medical office.

Peyronie's Disease Treatments - What is the Nesbit Procedure?

nesbit procedureThe Nesbit Procedure is the most widely used surgical procedure that is designed to correct curvature of the penis whether congenital or as a result of the disease.

It is especially used in cases where moderate bending of the penis is a problem because it will generally result in a lower risk of long-term erectile dysfunction than other procedures such tissue grafting.

Unfortunately, the Nesbit procedure does cause some degree of shortening of the penis in all patients and also results in permanent loss of sensation or a degree of erectile dysfunction in approximately 2 percent of cases.

Penis Enlargement and Peyronie's Disease - Dangerous Techniques

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One thing that worries most men is the size of their penis, and how well it measures up to other men. This insecurity has led men to try all manner of methods to enlarge their penis. Unfortunately, some methods that they try are ineffective and expensive, while some, more worryingly can actually be harmful and cause discomfort.

Many studies have shown that a majority of men who were questioned were interested in trying some form of penis enlargement. In actual fact, these studies tend to show that most men are not really satisfied with either the length of their penis or their overall sexual performance. Many men are concerned about how firm their erection is, but due to the personal nature of the problem, they are often unwilling to consult with their doctor about the problem.

Why a Straight Penis is Always Better?

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For many men, the penis so much more than just an organ, it is the very heart of their masculinity, and the perception of the penis can have a massive impact on the way that a man sees himself. A man's sexuality is defined often defined by his penis, it is at once seen as a tool that gives him great sexual pleasure. At the same time potency, the ability to procreate, to father children, is an essential function of the organ. As it has such a major impact on a man’s psyche, it is no surprise that the shape of his penis is so important to a man. In many ways, it will determine his confidence, and this, in turn, will have a major impact on his sexual success.

No man’s penis is perfectly straight. In most men, the penis has at least a slight bend and this does not mean that there is anything actually wrong with it. In fact, it is very rare indeed for a man to have a penis that is completely straight, and in most cases, the curvature of the penis is mild and can be caused by a lot of factors.

Peyronie's Disease: Basic Facts and Overview

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In most men, the penis remains normal throughout their lives, they have a normal shaped organ, and are able to enjoy a great sex life and be justifiably confident that they will continue to do so. Unfortunately, in some cases, nature can be quite cruel, and some men discover that their penis is anything but normal and that they can become unable to enjoy sex, almost without warning.

In Peyronie’s disease, for reasons unknown, scar tissue forms in the tough layer of connective tissue in the penis called the “tunica albuginea” this prevents the normal expansion of the penis during erection when blood flows into the sponge-like Corpora Cavernosa. This restriction causes the penis to bend to one side or the other.

Peyronie’s disease is often painful in the early stages, but this lessens over time. The symptoms, however, can be seen from the start, and they do often worsen over time. These symptoms are a shortening in the penis when it is flaccid that causes a severe curve during erections.