Why a Straight Penis is Always Better?

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For many men, the penis so much more than just an organ, it is the very heart of their masculinity, and the perception of the penis can have a massive impact on the way that a man sees himself. A man's sexuality is defined often defined by his penis, it is at once seen as a tool that gives him great sexual pleasure. At the same time potency, the ability to procreate, to father children, is an essential function of the organ. As it has such a major impact on a man’s psyche, it is no surprise that the shape of his penis is so important to a man. In many ways, it will determine his confidence, and this, in turn, will have a major impact on his sexual success.

No man’s penis is perfectly straight. In most men, the penis has at least a slight bend and this does not mean that there is anything actually wrong with it. In fact, it is very rare indeed for a man to have a penis that is completely straight, and in most cases, the curvature of the penis is mild and can be caused by a lot of factors.

The most common reason for a curve in the penis is genetics. Genes dictate many aspects of man's physical existence so in many cases, the shape of a man's penis is a hereditary factor. In some cases, though a curve in the penis can occur as the result of an accident or disease. There is a condition called Peyronie's which can cause the penis to develop a pronounced bend. If you are a man with Peyronie’s, it is important to get treatment in order to correct the defect before it can get any worse.

The actual sexual performance of a penis has little to do with its shape – within normal bounds, however aesthetically a straight penis does look better and more symmetrical, so women are generally more inclined to have sex with men with straight penises.

An unusually shaped penis can be a turn off for women as it can confuse them slightly. If a man has a peculiarly shaped penis, women may be less enthusiastic about sex and some will be put off entirely. A woman may worry that an oddly shaped penis will feel strange inside them, or painful. In extreme cases, where the penis has a very extreme curve, the sexual act may actually be extremely painful for both for the man and woman. Women will not enjoy sex as much with a man who has a bent penis.

Of course, there are some women for whom the unique sensation of a crooked penis is something that provides great satisfaction. A different feeling is something that can be a turn on for some women however these women are relatively few and far between.

The fact is that a curved penis can be a real problem for men, getting in the way of their sexual success, causing great pain, and embarrassment, so in most cases, a straight penis is highly preferable. Happily, there are a number of treatments for curved penises such as exercises and other techniques that can help, and allow men to get greater satisfaction from their penis with less embarrassment.

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