Penis Enlargement and Peyronie's Disease - Dangerous Techniques

penis enlargement
One thing that worries most men is the size of their penis, and how well it measures up to other men. This insecurity has led men to try all manner of methods to enlarge their penis. Unfortunately, some methods that they try are ineffective and expensive, while some, more worryingly can actually be harmful and cause discomfort.

Many studies have shown that a majority of men who were questioned were interested in trying some form of penis enlargement. In actual fact, these studies tend to show that most men are not really satisfied with either the length of their penis or their overall sexual performance. Many men are concerned about how firm their erection is, but due to the personal nature of the problem, they are often unwilling to consult with their doctor about the problem.

The root cause of this insecurity is the fear amongst men that their penis is not big enough to fully satisfy their lover during sex. This problem can cause men to develop a lack of confidence, which in turn can cause performance anxiety and a softer erection this feeds into the cause of the problem and creates feelings of inadequacy. In many cases, this simple problem can cause deep relationship problems as feelings of resentment take root and deepen.

If a man feels that he is an unsatisfactory lover, this can cause him to worry about sexual performance to such an extent that he loses his desire to have sex. Generally, this will be interpreted by his sexual partner as being sexual rejection. Misunderstandings like this, which are caused because of a lack of communication between couples can create serious problems between couples.

Anyone who has accessed any adult entertainment material will have seen ads for products and programs that promise to help men enjoy enlargement of the penis. Products like creams, sprays, and pills are sold with claims of great results in terms of penis growth. The content of such claims ranges from having a scientific basis to being completely outrageous. In the rest of this article, we will talk about some of the penis enlargement methods that do not work:

Enlargement Creams

There have been many advertisements over the last few years for creams that are claimed to enlarge the penis when used regularly. Medical evidence has demonstrated that topical preparations such as penis enlargement creams will do no more than just increase the flow of blood flow in the area where it is applied. This might aid in producing a firmer erection, but creams basically do nothing to promote penis enlargement.

Using Weights

Hanging the weight from the penis in order to stretch it to a greater length is something that men have done for hundreds of years particularly in tribal societies. While over time, the weights will help you to develop greater length, the drawbacks include a thinner penis, as well as a reduced ability to enjoy an erection because of the tissue damage caused by stretching.

Hanging weights from the penis to lengthen it can cause serious circulation problems in the penis, which can ultimately cause gangrene.

Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement surgery is a serious step to take and is also very expensive. In many cases, it can also lead to complications like infection. Another problem caused by surgery is severe scarring where the scar tissue makes the penis severely misshapen. Perhaps the most common method of penis enlargement surgery involves injecting a small amount of fat from your own body into the shaft of the penis. This technique will not generally increase the length, although it can increase the girth and make it thicker.

Another technique is to cut the connective tissue above the penis. This does not increase the size of the penis, however, it does allow it to jut out from the body further, which will make it look larger, but the downside is that the penis will no longer stand up as much as it did before the surgery when you get an erection.

Penis enlargement surgery will not alter your ability to gain an erection or help you to get a firmer erection. These factors are caused by the flow of blood into the penis.

Enlargement pills

In 99% of the case, these are no more than a rip-off, which is generally just a very expensive vitamin pill of the kind you can get from a regular shop.

There are some pills that work, so be careful to choose the penis enlargement pills that do work.

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