Normal Penis Curvature vs. Peyronie’s Disease

what does it mean when your penis is curvedAlthough sometimes associated with Peyronie’s Disease, Penis Curvature can be considered a perfectly normal condition, provided of course it does not deteriorate to Peyronie's.

Normal Penis Curvature occurs as a result of the chambers of the penis developing at different rates over time, resulting in a curve towards the slower developing chamber.

Although fairly harmless in limited curvature, the condition can have severe effects on the psychological well-being of the affected man, as the curvature makes the penis look smaller and can lead to tension in attempted intercourse, due to the fear of Vaginismus (involuntary tightening of pelvic muscles prior to intercourse) experienced by many women, who mistakenly associate a curved penis with the condition.

Even though the penis is not a muscle, it can be exercised as one. Penis fitness programs offer exercises that can help to reverse the effects and even eliminate the curve.

Another good way to penis curvature treatment is to use a traction device. The pull applied by such a device can balance the growth of the chambers and minimize or even eliminate the curve. These devices have been the subjects of several clinical studies over the years such as the Wendy Hurn study, that showed the beneficial effects traction devices can have on lessening and even eliminating Penis Curvature.

Traction as a form of body development has been around for 100's if not 1000's of years. The famed Long Neck Tribe in Myanmar and Laos use brass rings to make their necks longer. Various African tribes use traction to make ear lobes, lips and yes, penises, longer.

Modern traction devices have developed into sophisticated, medically approved methods to help in the reduction of Penis Curvature.

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