Penis Enlargement and Peyronie's Disease - Dangerous Techniques

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One thing that worries most men is the size of their penis, and how well it measures up to other men. This insecurity has led men to try all manner of methods to enlarge their penis. Unfortunately, some methods that they try are ineffective and expensive, while some, more worryingly can actually be harmful and cause discomfort.

Many studies have shown that a majority of men who were questioned were interested in trying some form of penis enlargement. In actual fact, these studies tend to show that most men are not really satisfied with either the length of their penis or their overall sexual performance. Many men are concerned about how firm their erection is, but due to the personal nature of the problem, they are often unwilling to consult with their doctor about the problem.

Why a Straight Penis is Always Better?

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For many men, the penis so much more than just an organ, it is the very heart of their masculinity, and the perception of the penis can have a massive impact on the way that a man sees himself. A man's sexuality is defined often defined by his penis, it is at once seen as a tool that gives him great sexual pleasure. At the same time potency, the ability to procreate, to father children, is an essential function of the organ. As it has such a major impact on a man’s psyche, it is no surprise that the shape of his penis is so important to a man. In many ways, it will determine his confidence, and this, in turn, will have a major impact on his sexual success.

No man’s penis is perfectly straight. In most men, the penis has at least a slight bend and this does not mean that there is anything actually wrong with it. In fact, it is very rare indeed for a man to have a penis that is completely straight, and in most cases, the curvature of the penis is mild and can be caused by a lot of factors.

Peyronie's Disease: Basic Facts and Overview

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In most men, the penis remains normal throughout their lives, they have a normal shaped organ, and are able to enjoy a great sex life and be justifiably confident that they will continue to do so. Unfortunately, in some cases, nature can be quite cruel, and some men discover that their penis is anything but normal and that they can become unable to enjoy sex, almost without warning.

In Peyronie’s disease, for reasons unknown, scar tissue forms in the tough layer of connective tissue in the penis called the “tunica albuginea” this prevents the normal expansion of the penis during erection when blood flows into the sponge-like Corpora Cavernosa. This restriction causes the penis to bend to one side or the other.

Peyronie’s disease is often painful in the early stages, but this lessens over time. The symptoms, however, can be seen from the start, and they do often worsen over time. These symptoms are a shortening in the penis when it is flaccid that causes a severe curve during erections.

How to Cure the Peyronie's Disease?

How to Cure the Peyronie's Disease
There are a number of different types of tissue within the penis, but the main ones are “Tunica Albuginea”, which is the layer of tough connective tissue that surrounds the softer Corpora Cavernosa. With Peyronie’s disease, scar tissue forms in the “Tunica Albuginea”. Once the tissue develops, normal expansion of the penis during an erection is prevented.

Although the early stages of the condition are somewhat painful, the pain eventually eases naturally and there is no requirement for long-term drug use. The most obvious long-term symptom is the curvature, which is most obvious during an erection. In some cases, the penis becomes shorter than normal when it is in its flaccid state. Most sufferers are able to enjoy sex with their partners normally and experience no pain during the actual sexual act intercourse. However, as the curvature gets worse, and reaches a right angle, sexual intercourse becomes a major problem.

Penis Disorders: Facts and Causes

There are a number of different penis disorders that can affect the male sexual organ. From swelling through to trapped nerves through to impotence, these conditions can vary in severity and importance, so it is always important to seek the attention of a physician, as some require surgery to correct them, and without proper treatment long term sexual performance can be affected.

One of the most common disorders that can affect men is swelling of the foreskin. This condition, properly known as oedema can result from sexual activity, including masturbation. Thankfully, oedema is practically harmless as long as the foreskin is held in its normal position and is not cutting off the blood flow.

Normally, the swelling should subside naturally but if it persists it is important to see a doctor, as this condition could by a symptom of chronic heart disease.

Normal Penis Curvature vs. Peyronie’s Disease

what does it mean when your penis is curvedAlthough sometimes associated with Peyronie’s Disease, Penis Curvature can be considered a perfectly normal condition, provided of course it does not deteriorate to Peyronie's.

Normal Penis Curvature occurs as a result of the chambers of the penis developing at different rates over time, resulting in a curve towards the slower developing chamber.

Although fairly harmless in limited curvature, the condition can have severe effects on the psychological well-being of the affected man, as the curvature makes the penis look smaller and can lead to tension in attempted intercourse, due to the fear of Vaginismus (involuntary tightening of pelvic muscles prior to intercourse) experienced by many women, who mistakenly associate a curved penis with the condition.