How SizeGenetics Works - Physical Principle of Stretching Device

By combining a stretching device with a range of exercises, SizeGenetics is a penis enlargement program that has been formulated to get results in a number of areas within this sensitive issue. Men who subscribe to the programme get an excellent Andromedical penis traction device as well as access to the database of exercises held on the Penis Health website.

The underlying principle of the traction device is the ability of the human body to adapt to outside pressures. In the same way as people lifting weight gain bigger muscles, and athletes have lungs with a greater capacity this same idea can be applied to the penis – with SizeGenetics, the traction system is used to apply pressure to the penis in order to make it grow.

Along with the traction device, SizeGenetics also provides access to the database of comprehensive penis enlargement exercises on the Penis Health website. With only a few minutes of penis exercise a day the program can help men to increase both the length and girth of their penises.

By combining the traction device and the exercise program, men can maximize the gains offered by the program and bring tangible results as quickly as possible. This helps customers see confirmation in the results of their efforts as soon as possible.

By combining the power of these two components, SizeGenetics has become the undisputed market leader for effective penis enlargement.

FAQs about the SG device

The whole of the penis enlargement market has been taken by storm by the SizeGenetics program thanks to the new levels of customer service and quality that it presents. Hundreds of customers around the world have heard about the successes that people have had with this program and want more information about the amazing opportunity to get a bigger penis that it offers.

From a user’s point of view, the most important thing about SizeGenetics program is that it has no side effects. Thousands of customers have worn the device with no mal effects and in addition to this the device has passed standardized testing.

Users of the traction device must follow the PenisHealth program exercises, but because all men are different it is important to build up a program that suits each person based on the way that their body responds to all the components of the SizeGenetics program.

One of the best things about SizeGenetics is that the gains in penis length and girth that you get from the exercises and traction device do not recede over time. When you reach your desired size you can stop doing the exercises and using the device and the gains you have made will remain for life. In addition to the success in lengthening penises, the device has also been successful in straightening out curved penises. With the aid of the traction device there are no more embarrassing moments for men with bent penises.

SizeGenetics comes with a complete money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the results up to 6 months after starting the program, you can return the products for a full refund. No other company in the industry offers this kind of guarantee.


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