SizeGenetics Review 2018 - Can SizeGenetics Straighten Your Penis?

If you want a fast and effective penis enlargement treatment without having to worry about the risks that other methods have, you should consider the SizeGenetics system the number 1 penis enlargement option for many men. Yes, we talked about this in my other SizeGenetics reviews.

In this review, I analyzed that SizeGenetics' penile curvature treatment. As well as enlarging your penis, SizeGenetics claims that it also help straighten penis curvature.

Firstly, I want to remind you what is Peyronies Disease.

As many as 1% of men are surprised to discover a bend caused by scar tissue developing in their penis. This condition, Peyronie’s disease can affect a small number of men and aside from its tendency to affect the penis itself, can also lead to other problems in life due to the personal nature of the area that it affects. Peyronie’s disease is named after the surgeon who first described the condition - Francois de la Peyronie.

Making use of the penile extender to treat Peyronie's is noninvasive, nonsurgical choice and you will get medically authorized gadgets. It is simple to utilize them and patients satisfaction is commonly high. The use of penis traction devices for Peyronie's patients is based on the explanation that tension from stretching may lead to decrease in the penile curvature by triggering the body's natural response to growing more tissue to help ease the tension. The more you use your penis extender and the, even more, the tension you apply determines the success you can expect. It is key to follow the guidelines carefully, however. You should not use your penis enlargement extender more time than recommended and tension ought to be applied gradually.

What are Side Effects of Penis extender devices?

Male enhancement extenders are generally good tolerated though it is very important to follow the directions closely and take breaks every 2 hours. Possible side effects can include itching and sore penis head.

Do Penis Traction Devices Work for Peyronies Disease?

There is commonly high patients satisfaction among men that use penile extenders to take care of their Peyronie's disease. Penis traction products have been used successfully for a long time to lengthen penises (average 1-2 inches) and boost penis girth. As such, it could be beneficial for men with Peyronie's condition that have encountered penile shortening, e.g. after Peyronie's medical procedures. Some urologist professionals, therefore, recommend with their patients to utilize penile extenders within their Post Peyronie's Surgery Treatment.

Penis stretching devices have also proven to improve penis curvature and indentation deformity in males with Peyronie's disease.

Straighten your penis: Use the extender to help straighten your penis by gently stretching it over a period of time, making it look more impressive for both you and your partner.

Some recent studies have shown that stretching the penis using a traction device like SizeGenetics™ can be effective at reducing the curvature and increasing the length of the penis. (

All in all, SizeGenetics' claim is true. If you suffer from a curved penis, you can try SizeGenetics extender.

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