Cancer Check of Testicles

In order to maintain health, it is essential to check for testicular cancer. Regular testicular self-examination should be undertaken after a warm bath when the scrotum is fully relaxed. This will make it much easier to spot any abnormalities with the testicles.

In order to perform a proper examination, you should stand in front of a mirror and look for a swelling in the skin of the scrotum.

Start by using both hands to examine the skin will ensure that you cover all of it. Once you have examined the skin you should roll each testicle between your fingers. It is important to remember that you are looking for something unusual, so make sure you are familiar with what the structure of the organ should be like. The anatomy of the testicle is complex and has a number of structures including the epididymis, which is the soft tube-like structure that sits behind the testicle and collects the sperm when it is produced.

Your testicles should be slightly different sizes, so this is normal. Lumps caused by testicular cancer will normally be found on the side of the testicle, although in some cases cancer lumps will be found on the front.

If you should find a lump when examining your testicles, it is vitally important to visit a doctor as soon as possible. In most cases, the lump will be nothing more than a swelling, however, it is important to see a doctor, as he is the only person who is fully qualified to diagnose cancer. 

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