Bent Penis Treatment - Benefits of Penis Extenders

benefits of penis extenders
Benefits of Penis Extenders
Historically, it has been seen that people treated their bent penis with an intrusive surgical procedure that resulted to the shortening of penis up to four centimeters. But today, you are able to treat your bent penis with non-invasive method.

Medical experts in andrology and urology have discovered the benefits of penis extenders in studies with SizeGenetics. After the duration of three to six months, most patients report:

As a matter of fact, patients who are using Sizegenetics as a Peyronie’s disease treatment has also witnessed the expansion of their penis of almost 0.5 centimeters per month.

You are able to wear Sizegenetics throughout the day under garments to the Peyronie’s disease cure. This device do not disturbs your mobility and sometimes you will even forget that you are wearing Size Genetics. No one will notice that you are wearing this device, whether you’re sitting, walking or standing, thus it can be effectively used all throughout the day. With regular and proper use, you are able to treat the penile curvature within a few months.

Regarding the treatment of Peyronies, medical experts share common belief that this device of SizeGenetics is the handiest non-invasive treatment option for Peyronie’s disease. Additionally, with their advocacy, the effectiveness of Size Genetics is supported by these following guarantees:

Quality Guarantee – unparalleled client service, maximum privacy.

Medical Guarantee – effective results.

Results – after 2 months if you’re not satisfied with your results you will get your money back.

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