FAQ-Some common Peyronie's Questions

natural penis curve
I've made a list of some of the questions I have asked, and I have been asked.

Q. My penis is bent to one side, and has been since I could become erect as a teenager. Do I have Peyronie's?
A. Chances are you do not. Most men have a natural penis curve in one direction that they have had since puberty. This is not plaque, it is a natural bend. However if you are worried go get a physical.

Q. How does the penis bending happen?
A. It can occur when the penis is traumatized. For example if it is bent during sex very hard. A plaque can begin to form that will make a curve. It can be in any direction. It can also be the effect of poor diet, diabetes or any number of other reasons. Doctors are unsure of the exact causes.

Q. Is there an easy cure like a pill?
A. Absolutely not. Anyone that claims to have a pill or any kind of product to easily cure Peyronie's quickly is lying. This is a complex disease and doctors are still unsure of what even causes it any product that claims to be a fast cure is full of it. So be weary.

Q. What do you recommend I do?
A. You need to read the page where I talk about my experiences: I recommend SizeGenetics complete set, as it proved to be the only product to truly work. I tried everything.

Q. Can it go away on its own?
A. It can but it may take up to 5 years. To me that is much to long to sit around in pain and wait for something to 'maybe' go away.


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