FAQ-Some common Peyronie's Questions

natural penis curve
I've made a list of some of the questions I have asked, and I have been asked.

Q. My penis is bent to one side, and has been since I could become erect as a teenager. Do I have Peyronie's?
A. Chances are you do not. Most men have a natural penis curve in one direction that they have had since puberty. This is not plaque, it is a natural bend. However if you are worried go get a physical.

Q. How does the penis bending happen?
A. It can occur when the penis is traumatized. For example if it is bent during sex very hard. A plaque can begin to form that will make a curve. It can be in any direction. It can also be the effect of poor diet, diabetes or any number of other reasons. Doctors are unsure of the exact causes.