When To Decide A Surgery Therapy For Peyronie's Disease

peyronies disease surgery
Don’t Hurry For Surgery! 

Curvature of penile shaft development may lead one to decide for a surgical procedure. But it’s too early to go for surgery, because surgery is the last option and there are plenty of options available to avail. Do you feel that you will not be able to have normal sex ever? There are two reasons to wait and see the change or reduction in the curvature. First is that the curvature of penile shaft has taken some time to develop curve shape. So wait to get it resolved or reduce with time. Secondly, going through standard protocol is more adequate to get sex life back as before, with reduction in pain during sex, and more straighter penis.

The Standard Treatment Protocols for Peyronie’s Disease 

When you have noticed that your sex life is getting miserably painful and relationship with your partner is somewhat stressed out. It’s the time when you should look for some medical advice. Your doctor will examine and check for the degree of curvature and your complaints. At that stage the advice you will receive may be one or combination of following treatments.

1) Peyronie’s Disease Waiting Period. For spontaneous resolution of plaque which may occur during the period lasting from six months to a year. So it’s the safe period and one should expect for good.

2) Peyronie’s Disease Medical Treatment. During waiting period certain agents may be prescribed. This again depends upon the severity of curvature and complaints. Included are Vitamin E, colchicine, potaba, (PABA), verapamil /collagenase injection intralesionally. The period of treatment again will be from 6 to 12 months.

When Surgery is advised for Peyronie’s Disease? 

When after the stipulated period of medical treatment, your doctor observes no improvement but worsening of your Peyronie’s disease, he may advise a surgical correction procedure as an option. The criteria he would be keeping in mind for your Peyronie’s disease surgery are as follow;

  • If the curvature is greater than 60 degrees? 
  • Latency period of six months to a year elapsed between disclosure of curvature and surgery. This is to let situation stabilize with some medication given prior. 
  • Erectile dysfunction, inability to sustain erection of penis due to curvature and associated severe pain.
  • Bottle neck deformity. 
  • Hour glass deformity.


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