Types of Peyronie’s Disease Surgeries

peyronies disease surgery types
There are basically two major choices the surgeon will make from, if he or she is left with no option but to get your penis straight by surgical means. They are suited for simple but severe degree curvature. They are; 

a) Penile Plication Procedure 
  • At present this procedure is done under local anaesthesia.
  • There is cutting and shortening of convex or side opposite to curvature with placement of permanent sutures on convex side. 
  • Even at surgery you can see more straighter penile shaft of yours. 
  • Nerves and vascular structure are spared so sensation to penis is retained which is important element in sexual intercourse. 
  • Whole procedure may not take longer than 45 minutes. Length of penis not much effected. 
  • Return to work in one day. Resume enjoyable sex in just 5 weeks.

b) Penile Plaque Grafting Done under local or general anaesthesia. 
  • Incision on plaque with or without excision. 
  • Placing graft, from your own vein, or cadaver pericardium, both have very good take and they don’t have contractures complications, plus they have tensile quality. 
  • There is gain in length too. 
  • Procedure is 3-4 hours long.
  • Return to work in 3-4 days. 
  • Satisfactory sex in 8 weeks. 
  • Just have to wait a bit longer! 

c) Latest Innovative Surgery for Peyronie’s Disease 
  • Its double dorsal-ventral patch graft combining plaque incision and grafting. 
  • Its penile lengthening procedure. This is best part which resolves penile shortening. 
  • It combines double dorsal-ventral patch graft with intestinal tissue meaning grafting done circumferentially along with prosthetic implant. 
  • You will gain length in your penile shaft of about 3.2 cm, which will give you more confidence while indulging in sex. 
  • Operation time is almost three hours. 
  • So far it has shown very promising result. Best part is more enjoyable intimacy post operatively than with other procedures but still this procedure has to gain popularity. 

As for bottle neck and hour glass curvature, surgeries are very complicated and beyond scope of present discussion.

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