Why Patients Hide Peyronie Disease

peyronies disease
As a medical professional, I have come across several individuals who would be quite reluctant to tell or discuss about even the most trivial of skin disease they may be suffering from. When it comes to sex organ deformity or disability to indulge in normal intimacy with partner, it becomes tougher for the effected person to bring it to healthcare provider’s knowledge. That it should be examined and investigated in detail is another issue.

Why any kind of health problem do you think should invoke embarrassment? The answer is simple; to avoid becoming some kind of laughing stock. Another view would be misconceptions spread about so many illnesses that you may get scarred to report to your doctor at the earliest.

Your healthcare provider or doctor is the person you can share everything related to health and well being. Even, those personal health matters which you may not discuss with your life partner or a close friend. In case of peyronie disease, patients may lead to anxiety and then depression if they remain reluctant to discuss it with a doctor.

Like all other conflicts and traumas, a problem with sexual organ remain a critical matter for most of the people. If a fear is developed that "how people will think about me". But unlike other people around us, doctors have the rules of keeping privacy of their patients completely confidential. So, be confident and discuss it with your healthcare provider and save your health.


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