How is Peyronie's disease treated?

Typically, the aim of treatment method to help keep the patient with Peyronie's disease sexually active. Giving knowledge about the disease and its course is usually contained in the treatment plan. Occasionally, treatment solutions are not essential, as Peyronie's disease often happens within a moderate form that mends with no treatment in 6 to 15 months. Treatment may include:

  • Surgery: Surgeries are usually the final resort and it is associated with high threat of problems, expenses as well as side effects.
  • Vitamin E: various medical studies report enhancements with oral vitamin E recommended by a doctor.
  • Drugs: Oftentimes, injections of several chemical substance in to the plaques have already been utilized in a small number of patients. Still this feature of remedies does keep a strong potential for harmful side effects.
  • Radiotherapy: Using this therapy method, the radiation aims during the plaque to decrease pain, but has no effect on the plaque itself; harmful side effects or worsening of the disease could happen.
  • Use of stretchers: for individuals who trust the potency and effectiveness of alternative or natural solutions, traction-based penis stretchers (like those of SizeGenetics) provide an appealing, safe and economic option with multiple advantages.


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