Peyronie's Disease Treatments

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Medical Treatment

a) Vitamin E can be taken orally in spansules formulation, when you developed curvature of milder degree. It acts as healing enzyme adjunct, thereby bringing about positive healing mechanism. It has been used for long time as Peyronie’s disease treatment. It can also be obtained from corn oil, soybean oil and margarine. Best thing you should know about Vitamin E, it is without any side effects.

b) Colchicine has been shown to help in getting curvature of penile shaft to maximum normal as well as it relieves associated painful coitus. That is something of good news! And then there is combination of Vitamin E and Colchicine, showing very promising results in slowing down misdirected healing of injured Tunica albuginea. It has been also proved that collagenase activity increases with Colchicine which reduces collagen synthesis. The reduction in size of plaque is quite significant.

c) Injected medicine like calcium channel blocker Verapamil, collagenase, and interferon can be given. These are given intralesionally into the plaque, and they bring about reduction and swelling of injury and size of plaque.

d) Potassium ammonium benzoate or POTABA has been tried and can be effective as it may soften that hard scar your curved shaft has developed over the time. But its use has limited popularity and you may give up using as for quite unpleasant side effects.

Surgical Treatment

The surgical approach may or may not be suited in your case. If the curvature you present with is 20% or less than 60%, there is no way you should opt for surgery as the Peyronie’s disease treatment given above may suffice. Above 60% of normal curvature are usually best candidates for surgical approach.

Traction Devices, use of which intermittently in mild to moderate cases of Peyronie’s disease give enough straightening to have close to normal sexual act performance.

In the end, not to worry is the best advice any doctor can give to you. With more reporting about Peyronie’s disease, there is more evolvement of treatment methods. Any of one of these can just be the ideal for you.

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The Curvature of Penile Shaft-Peyronie’s Disease

curvature of penile shaft
What is wrong? 

The curvature of penile shaft is the descriptive term ,making it simpler to understand .But when you say you got Peyronie’s disease, it gets even more specific .The damage is to minute vessels of lining membrane of erectile tissue. Healing is so slow that, a hard fibrous plaque is the result. You may not notice curvature, until few months to a couple of years. This is one major factor in delayed start of treatment of Peyronie’s disease.

Timely Approach Your Doctor

The other factor which may cause delay in start of Peyronie disease treatment is, you may have reported the abnormal curvature of shaft to your doctor a bit late. You may have some misconceptions or apprehension about the newly detected disability/abnormality. It can be scary though when you notice it first time. But please don’t let any apprehension come between your genuine disability and possible treatment. While we are discussing how you get your sex life back to what it was, keep this in mind” you may not need any treatment at all” as sometimes the curvature heals up on its own.

All Will Be Just Normal As Before 

Long gone are times when it was not brought to notice of health care provider, and hence not treated. Now we have more men reporting about the Peyronie’s disease occurrence, thereby giving enough time for complete to almost normal shape of curved organ. Before we tell you the treatment available, make one thing clear in your mind. Neither the injury nor the curvature is your fault; it’s the faulty healing process. Following are Peyronie’s disease treatment options offered to you. The objective of chosen method of treatment is to bring back your sex life to normal, which is a cornerstone of an enjoyable and happy relationship.

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Why Patients Hide Peyronie Disease

peyronies disease
As a medical professional, I have come across several individuals who would be quite reluctant to tell or discuss about even the most trivial of skin disease they may be suffering from. When it comes to sex organ deformity or disability to indulge in normal intimacy with partner, it becomes tougher for the effected person to bring it to healthcare provider’s knowledge. That it should be examined and investigated in detail is another issue.

Why any kind of health problem do you think should invoke embarrassment? The answer is simple; to avoid becoming some kind of laughing stock. Another view would be misconceptions spread about so many illnesses that you may get scarred to report to your doctor at the earliest.

Your healthcare provider or doctor is the person you can share everything related to health and well being. Even, those personal health matters which you may not discuss with your life partner or a close friend. In case of peyronie disease, patients may lead to anxiety and then depression if they remain reluctant to discuss it with a doctor.

Like all other conflicts and traumas, a problem with sexual organ remain a critical matter for most of the people. If a fear is developed that "how people will think about me". But unlike other people around us, doctors have the rules of keeping privacy of their patients completely confidential. So, be confident and discuss it with your healthcare provider and save your health.

How is Peyronie's disease treated?

Typically, the aim of treatment method to help keep the patient with Peyronie's disease sexually active. Giving knowledge about the disease and its course is usually contained in the treatment plan. Occasionally, treatment solutions are not essential, as Peyronie's disease often happens within a moderate form that mends with no treatment in 6 to 15 months. Treatment may include:

  • Surgery: Surgeries are usually the final resort and it is associated with high threat of problems, expenses as well as side effects.
  • Vitamin E: various medical studies report enhancements with oral vitamin E recommended by a doctor.
  • Drugs: Oftentimes, injections of several chemical substance in to the plaques have already been utilized in a small number of patients. Still this feature of remedies does keep a strong potential for harmful side effects.
  • Radiotherapy: Using this therapy method, the radiation aims during the plaque to decrease pain, but has no effect on the plaque itself; harmful side effects or worsening of the disease could happen.
  • Use of stretchers: for individuals who trust the potency and effectiveness of alternative or natural solutions, traction-based penis stretchers (like those of SizeGenetics) provide an appealing, safe and economic option with multiple advantages.